May 6, 2010

Hello my SBD followers! Long time, No update! I am so so so sorry I have neglected this blog but I'm back now! So many have become Facebook Fans of the Stormy Brooke Designs page that I really almost forgot about this blog ~ Please forgive me!
I would love for you all to become FB fans (or "Like" as they call it now) of the SBD Facebook page. You Do Not have to have a FB account to view the page and all the designs! Isn't that wonderful! The website is: Hope you enjoy it!
If there is anyone out there who still looks at this blog, would you please send me a quick email to let me know! I would really appreciate it! Just write in the Subject it "I Read The Blog" or something like that... you don't even have to type anything in the body of the email. Thank you!
If I get any responses I will keep this blog much more up-to-date! I have TONS of new items and GREAT low prices! (Some are even 50% off ~ Permanently!!!)
Thank you in advance! Look forward to hearing from you!
Oh, and also, I have a jewelry email I send out when I have new items or specials. To get on this list just email and put "Add" in the Subject. Thanks!

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